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  • Biebel Salons/Harold & Renee Bowling Green, KY
    We are dedicated to providing you with stylists for your party.
  • Fantastic Sam's Louisville, KY
    We take pride in our makeup artists service.
  • Faceworks Louisville, KY
    - cosmetics -
  • Express Tan Bowling Green, KY
    Experience us for hair dresser.
  • Facial Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Louisville, KY
    Need makeup artist? We have a location in Louisville.
  • Adam And Eve Full Service Salon Frankfort, KY
    Make up.
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Of course, every bride wants to look beautiful for her wedding in Kentucky. If you're getting married, you're also going to want to ensure that everyone in your wedding party looks stunning and that their hair and makeup is done by experienced Kentucky hair stylists and Kentucky makeup artists. On the other hand, maybe you're not planning a wedding. Perhaps you or your daughter needs a Kentucky make-up artist or Kentucky hair stylist for another event such as a prom or sweet sixteen party in Kentucky. Perhaps she needs hair highlights or elegant up-do . Obviously, she's going to want to look perfect or the consequences could be dire. Make your event stress-free by locating the best salons, beauty and makeup artists in Kentucky.  
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