Parking for Special Events

Parking is the initial concern at any event. If guests cannot get their cars parked in a timely manner in the right area, and have a smooth transition to the event location, the chances of them having an enjoyable and memorable experience are greatly reduced. Therefore it is best to avoid the hassles, confusion, delays, and potential aggravation of guests by hiring a reputable valet service.

Leading valet services operate using numerous parking attendants with specialized strobe light directional devices so drivers can easily be directed to the proper area and parking space. Many valet parking specialists will assist your guests in any way possible in an effort to ensure their first impression upon arriving at your event is a good one.

For large events or events in which parking is some distance from the actual event location, valet service companies will offer golf cart, van, or bus shuttle services for your guests to the event location and return pick up and concierge services as well ensuring your guests arrive back at their cars safe and secure.

When planning for an event, you need to remember to account for parking arrangements and ensure you have dependable people on-site to handle each and every car as well as the needs of each and every guest. This will help avoid untimely delays, parking in the wrong area, traffic jams, and will make for a smoother more coordinated event as well as happier guests.