What is a Foam Party?

A foam party is a dance party where the dance floor is covered in foam. Foam parties are typically hosted privately or by night clubs. Many venues rent a foam party dance pit to contain the foam and water in order to limit the damage the foam causes to the surrounding space. The foam party has a designated area for foam which includes a foam pit.

A foam party will have a foam area and a dry-off area. The foam area is a well-equipped area designated for dancing in the foam. A foam machine will be either suspended from the ceiling or placed in a large container in the floor, such as a baby pool. The foam area needs some sort of drainage system in order to keep the water from the foam from pooling on the dance floor.

The dry-off area is simply a place to dry-off or change when leaving the dance floor. Dry-off areas typically provide towels and dressing rooms.

What to Wear to a Foam Party

It is important to realize that although you will be wet, the foam keeps you warm. Beach attire or bathing suits is typically the choice of dress to a foam party. However, many people where normal dance-party attire.

Damages and Dangers of Foam Parties

Many risks are involved for both the host and the guests of a foam party. Damages to surfaces including walls, floors, equipment, furniture, draperies, and carpet may occur. Additionally, in cold climates, condensation may form ice on walls and in the HVAC causing permanent damage. Flooding may occur if the area is not properly draining.

Foam parties also carry the risk of slips and falls from water on the floors, broken glass as a result of glass beverage containers being dropped while falling, skin and eye irritation to the party foam, and possible electrocution. Safety precautions must be taken to prevent any damages or injuries from occurring.

Why a Foam Party?

A foam party is guaranteed fun. Just the thought of it alone is fun! Foam parties are rare. Because of the risks involved, few people choose to host a foam party. Your party very well could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the majority of the guests attending.