How to Become a Wedding Planner

Learning how to become a wedding planner isn’t difficult for someone who is detail-oriented, great under pressure, and possesses fantastic communication skills. The first step is to further develop those skills to ensure that you have what it takes to manage hectic and sometimes stressful wedding planning details. Creating and sticking to schedules is a wonderful way to get started, and planning elaborate or themed parties can be great practice. Volunteer to plan a friend’s birthday party or bridal shower to gather experience in addition to those valuable wedding planning skills.

Wedding planners should know all the latest wedding trends, fads, and information. Subscribing to bridal magazines, browsing bride-oriented websites, and performing in-depth research is a must. Future brides want to place their trust in someone who knows the industry and who is capable of quickly identifying problems and finding great solutions. Staying up to date with the wedding industry is the best way to do this.

Creating an impressive portfolio is another very important step in becoming a wedding planner. Offering to plan parties for friends and family members is a perfect way to gain experience and to fill a portfolio. Include pictures and references from individuals whose parties you have planned, so potential customers can see your skill level. Pictures of themes, table dressings, gatherings, floral arrangements, food, and apparel are all great things to include in the portfolio.

The final step in becoming a wedding planner is finding a job. Networking with people in the industry and creating a fantastic resume are great ways to start the process of finding a job. For interviews, be sure to take your portfolio and research the company you’re interviewing for so you’ll be prepared. With lots of research and drive, becoming a wedding planner is definitely within reach.

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