How Singers Make Money

There are many ways in which singers are able to make money these days. Before a singer has experienced success and fame, there are still smaller ways to be a successful, paid singer. Many singers start off doing small gigs at weddings, birthday parties, coffee shops or local clubs. This is a fantastic way to get your voice out there and make a little money from what you most love. At the same time, many talented singers upload videos of themselves singing to YouTube and other video sharing sites so that they can build a following of loyal fans.

Once you’ve built that following, you can start doing small tours near where you live, and as you begin to make money, you can expand those tours to larger surrounding areas. Many artists will make merchandise to sell to their fans as an extra way to earn income while they’re playing. Some of that merchandise might include CDs, t-shirts, jewelry, or other items that fans might enjoy. Those loyal fans will most likely purchase some merchandise if they’re willing to drive out to watch the singer perform.

After this, many singers will become noticed by record talent scouts and may have the opportunity to sign a contract with that particular label. This is where the real money comes in. A singer might get an advance for creating a record, and will certainly get a percentage of each sale as a royalty for their work. Depending upon many variables, a singer might make a little bit of money, or a whole lot. Many singers have found their big break by starting out in the very same fashion: creating their own merchandise and touring locally.

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