Do You Need to Buy Party Rental Insurance?

If you plan on renting a party tent, serving ware for your party, or even dried flowers, the company you’re renting from may offer you renter’s insurance. When this happens, your first instinct may be to turn it down. After all, what could possibly happen during the few hours of your party that might make that rental insurance necessary? Before making a decision, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Expensive items may be worth spending a few dollars on the rental insurance. The cost of a party tent, particularly a large one, can be quite expensive. If something happens and the tent becomes damaged, you will have to pay for the cost to replace it. Spending a few dollars now and being safe is better than risking it and ending up owing the company hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace it. This also goes for items like china for a wedding, crystal glasses, expensive cake stands, and heavy or expensive pillars that could potentially be damaged.

You may only want to buy the rental insurance if there’s a chance that things could be damaged. For instance, if you have small children attending your party, accidents could potentially happen. However, if you’re only inviting a group of adults, there’s less of a chance that you’ll actually need that rental insurance.

For smaller or less expensive items, rental insurance might not be necessary. What could possibly happen to dried flowers to justify spending money on rental insurance? Similarly, if you’re renting a tuxedo, the chances of something happening within a few hours to damage it are slim. Before deciding whether to buy party rental insurance, think about these things and determine whether it’s worth it for you to spend a little now and be safe or just skip the insurance all together.

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