Theme Parties Ideas

The possibilities for theme parties ideas are just endless. These types of parties are a lot of fun and encourage individuals to be creative and expressive. Whether it’s a holiday party or a birthday party, there is a lot of room for imagination. One great theme party idea is to use time periods. For instance, a 70’s theme party could include lots of peace signs, bell bottoms, tie-dye shirts, and flat-ironed hair. A 20’s theme party could include feather hair pieces, elegant dresses and flapper-style decorations.

If you’d rather skip the time period theme party, there are other choices. Choose your favorite television show to use as a theme. A small example would be American Idol. Guests could be required to reveal a hidden talent at the party, a stage could be set up, and a few judges could be selected to make the party more fun.

For another great theme party idea, use an area of the world. For instance, a Hawaii-themed party could include a bonfire, grass skirts, tropical flowers and leis while an Egyptian-themed party could include pyramid decorations, gowns and headdresses. A Mexican-themed party could include beautiful Mexican dresses, colorful hair flowers, fun dances and more. This is a great way to explore the cultures of other places around the world.

Finally, there are lots of fun themes that you can play around with as well. A circus themed party could include fun shows, animal costumes, popcorn and candy apples. By considering the different things you love, you can come up with fun theme parties ideas that your guests will thoroughly enjoy. Don’t forget to create a list of things to shop for and decide how you’re going to dress for your party. Finally, remember to include plenty of themed activities and for a boost, some themed prizes as well.

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