Checklist for Party Rentals

To be sure you have everything you need for your party, use this handy checklist for party rentals.

Tables and Seating: For your party, you’re going to need seating. Make sure you’ve covered:

– Enough tables for your guests. Remember, a 36” table will seat 4 guests, a 48” table will seat 6 guests, a 60” table will seat 10 guests, a 72” table will seat 12 guests.
– Enough seats for all guests.
– You’ll also want linens for your tables. A 60 x 120 tablecloth will cover most tables, but the linen will not go to the floor on most. For linens that go to the floor, rent 90 x 156 linens.
– You’ll want dishes and silverware for all guests. Most catering companies can cover this.
– Slip covers for chairs.

Décor: You’ll want to make sure everything looks beautiful. A few options for décor rental include:

– Flowers. There are many companies that will rent out dried flowers and you can save money this way.
– Aisle runner.
– Pillars or arches.
– Tulle and twinkling lights.


– Cake server set.
– Cake stand.
– Buffet tables/servers.

While these are just the basics, they should be covered for your event. You’ll also want to consider the type of entertainment you will have at your party, whether you hire a band or a DJ. If you hire a catering company, they can serve your food but if you don’t hire one, you may need to hire independent servers. If the event is important, you might want to hire a photographer to capture memories for you. Be sure you’ve checked off everything on this list before moving forward with your party.

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