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A sweet sixteen is a traditional birthday party for girls to have when they turn sixteen years old. In parts of the United States and Canada, sixteen is the age at which one may obtain a driver’s license. It is also the age of consent in many states, hence it is viewed by many adolescents as an important milestone. It is the American counterpart of the Spanish and Latin American tradition of a Quinceañera, with both parties having the same sense but in Spanish-speaking countries it is at the 15th birthday.

In traditional Judaism, girls reach the age of spiritual maturity at the age of 12 (with their bat mitzvah), compared to boys who reach the age of spiritual maturity at 13 (with their bar mitzvah). In the earlier part of the 20th century, sweet sixteen parties were a de facto coming-of-age ceremony for young Jewish women, since while bar mitzvahs were publicly celebrated, bat mitzvahs were not. Today, Reform Judaism continues to recognize the importance of the sixteenth birthday for boys and girls with a confirmation ceremony.

The 1984 film Sixteen Candles features a coming of age story as the lead character, Samantha Baker, turns sixteen. Before that, a song “16 Candles” was recorded by the Crests and several other artists, including Roy Orbison. A song by Hilary Duff called “Sweet Sixteen” celebrates the freedom of being a sixteen-year old girl. This was used as the theme tune for MTV reality show ‘My Super Sweet 16’. There is another song by Billy Idol with the same name (which actually references a lost love of Edward Leedskalnin of that age), as well as a song by Neil Sedaka called “Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen” and a song by Chuck Berry titled “Sweet Little Sixteen”. Fall Out Boy recorded a song titled “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me'” that is thought to be a possible reference to the age of consent.

Sweet 16Sweet sixteen parties are changing. Some teens feel awkward about having a formal party… who to ask…who not to ask…what if the “right”people don’t come…what if the “wrong” people do show up? Some teens dream of the day, others shrink in horror.

Let the about-to-be sixteen make the decision. If your teen says no, offer the option of an informal fun party with a theme that everyone will enjoy… or a backyard bash for close friends. Remember – the goal is for the birthday star to have a memory to cherish. These sites should help make it easy…

Years ago, sweet sixteen parties were the thing! In fact, I had a huge party myself. Not much different than a Bat Mitzvah, these parties have taken on a whole new look. It used to be that you invited your friends, had cake, danced and went home. Today, things are different. The parties are not so generic and have really become an acknowledgement of adulthood and a celebration of the individual. Most parties have themes that include the interests of the young lady who is celebrating; most have a DJ, and some even have a band. all sorts of party favors are given out; the room is decorated vividly, and the activities are endless (not just dancing). Adding personal touches, whether it’s a personalized invite, a candy bar wrapper (with the birthday girl’s picture, or even a life sized caricature really have become the standard approach.

Sweet SixteenSweet 16 Party Themes

* Pepsquad Girls Sweet 16 Cheerleader Party
* Sugary Sweet 16
* Car Crazy Sweet 16
* Cinderella
* Luau
* Fiesta
* Sweet Dreams Slumber Party

(The following themes are tailored for Bat Mitzvah’s, but are easily altered to suit Sweet 16 and other teen birthday parties.)

* Magic
* Baseball
* Basketball
* Dr. Seuss
* Soccer
* Rock and Roll
* Fiesta

Gift Ideas

* Birthstones

Party Games

* Sweet 16 Party Games
* Video Scavenger Hunt
* Charades
* Truth or Dare

Make your 16-year-old feel like a prince or princess with some of these great inspirations for themes, decorations, gifts and favors for your little one all grown up!

Make your 16-year-old feel like a prince or princess with some of these great inspirations for themes, decorations, gifts and favors for your little one all grown up!

Perfect for a co-ed birthday party, have a ’50s style sock-hop. Ask if you can rent out your local high-school’s gym or your apartment’s rec room for this old-time rock and roll party. Ask kids to dress the part, play songs from the soundtrack as well as other classic ’50s tunes, and serve diner-style burgers and milk shakes for food. Hand out sunglasses or hair combs as favors.
Hawaiian Luau

This is a party theme that can be carried out inexpensively, and is lots of fun. Go to your library and get CDs of old-fashioned Hawaiin music. Decorate the space with streamers and fresh flowers. Serve fruits like pineapples and oranges with sweet dipping sauces, and make a huge bowl of fruity punch. Give each teenager a lei and have them compete in limbo contests and ring toss. Allow them to float away in a tropical dreamland.
Cinderella’s Ball

In a quinceanera-style celebration, celebrate your girl’s sweet 16 in a fairy wonderland. If it’s possible, ask guests to wear formal attire, and drink sparkling grape juice out of plastic champagne flutes. Serve playful “grown-up” foods like petit fours and finger sandwiches.

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