Tips On Throwing The Great Bachelor Party

The bachelor party has become a staple to the pre-wedding events and is what most grooms look forward to as it gives them and their friends the perfect excuse to pack all the alcohol-induced fun they can into one all-important night. It is the party grooms never forget and the one brides choose not to even consider.

Since it marks such an important occasion, the bachelor party must be planned with infinite care and thrown with reckless abandon. There are many alternatives grooms are faced with when it comes to the bachelor party. The first step in the planning process is to throw a party that will satisfy the groom. It is, after all, his party and the ultimate pre-wedding gift he will receive from his friends. The best man has been dubbed the party planner. He will dictate what the plans are and where the party will take place. He will also be the most likely person to know what the groom would or would not want. The best man will also talk to the others who will be in attendance to discuss how the cost will be split. As a general rule, it is a good idea to invite only those in the wedding party along with other close friends and family members of the groom. This way the cost will be minimized and the party can be kept intimate.

When planning a bachelor party, make sure it is safe and would be approved of by both the bride and groom. Stay away from events that would get the groom in to trouble.

Never plan the bachelor party for the night before the wedding. The last thing a groom needs is to be hung over on his big day, especially when he’ll have countless pictures of himself and his bride taken both formally and informally. The same is true for the groom’s side of the wedding party. Planning the party in advance not only gives those invited enough time to plan to attend, but it also doesn’t clash with other pre-wedding activities such as the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Instead, give the groom his own night. He and his bride will thank you for it.

The ideas for throwing a bachelor party are endless. The party can range from something formal that requires attendees to wear a suit to an informal gathering of family and friends in a relaxed setting. No matter what type of party is thrown, it should go well with the style of the groom. If he doesn’t like formal occasions, a party requiring a suit and tie would not be appropriate.

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