What Does a Wedding Coordinator Do?

A wedding coordinator is someone that brides and grooms can count on for several different things. The last thing a couple wants to do on the day of their wedding is worry about whether things will go off smoothly or not. The duties of a wedding coordinator include making sure the guests have everything they need, the wedding party is prepared and doesn’t overlook anything, and that the bride and groom are ready to enjoy the greatest day of their lives. Some of the things on a wedding coordinator checklist might include:


The wedding coordinator will make sure that everything needed for the ceremony and reception is available, including emergency kits in case of rips or tears, additional clothing, hair accessories and makeup, etc. The wedding coordinator will help make sure the wedding party knows where to be, and that each one is prepared for their place in the wedding. A wedding coordinator may also take a last minute evaluation to ensure that the venues are prepared for the ceremony and reception.

During the Wedding:

The wedding coordinator can help ensure that all guests find a place to be seated, and that all the guests are comfortable. They may help pin the boutonnières on the groom, best men and other wedding party members as well as handing out the bouquets to the bridesmaids, bride, and flower girl. Also on the list of wedding coordinator duties is helping ensure that the bridesmaids, flower girl and ring boy all make their entrance at the appropriate time.

During the Reception:

During the reception, a wedding coordinator can ensure that all guests are enjoying themselves, and that the wedding party has everything they need. The wedding coordinator may signal speeches or help pass out wedding favors.

There really is no limit to the duties of a wedding coordinator, depending upon which one is hired and what the bride specifically requests. They can be a great buffer between the happy couple and their guests, and ensure that the wedding and ceremony goes off without a hitch.

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