What are the Duties of a Wedding Coordinator?

The duties of a wedding coordinator often differ depending upon the package a bride has selected and the specific wedding circumstances. A wedding planner can provide the most basic services, from helping to obtain the services of vendors, to the complete works, including ensuring that the bridal party has everything they need on the day of the ceremony. Some of the other duties of a wedding coordinator include:

Planning – helping the bride choose the general theme of the wedding and reception, the decorations and venue, DJ, floral arrangements, food, and all of the other small details that come together to make a beautiful and memorable wedding. The level of involvement with the planning will depend upon the bride and groom’s request. Some wedding planners take care of everything after obtaining instructions from the happy couple while others have a smaller level of involvement.

Rehearsal Planning – encouraging the wedding party to practice the big day and helping to plan the role each person plays in the wedding. The wedding planner may also plan the rehearsal dinner and arrange special entertainment, such as videos and songs the bride may want to play.

Day Of – the duties of a wedding coordinator will often go over into the day of the wedding, where he or she will act as an organizer, and will often care for smaller things to ensure that the day goes off smoothly. For instance, it may the one of the duties of a wedding coordinator to have an emergency kit that will help take care of rips in dresses, broken fingernails, and hair mishaps. They may even be responsible for taking care of big emergencies, like missing vendors or broken equipment.

The duties of a wedding planner are extensive and can be more or less depending upon the unique situation.

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