TNT Rentals LLC

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Company Name: TNT Rentals LLC
Address: New Jersey
Telephone: (856) 727-9248
Company Info
TNT rental is a small owner operated business specializing in the backyard party business. We rent tents, tables and chairs. Our equipment is meticulously maintained and our customer service is second to none. When you are ready for top shelf equipment, delivered on time by a mature and professional installer then give us a call so our experts can personally assist you!

The mission of TNT Rental LLC is to provide the ultimate service, high quality merchandise, precision delivery and a professional staff. The owners of TNT Rental are the same people taking the orders, talking to customers and delivering your equipment. We pride ourselves on being the best value and highest quality rental company you can deal with.

TNT Rental will only rent top notch equipment and we strive to keep the equipment in the best condition possible. TNT Rental when dealing with customers makes every attempt to be honest and upfront with the information we provide. We are the "no Bull" rental company. We consider it paramount to our business to stay true to our mission statement. TNT Rental LLC will deliver on the promise today, tomorrow and beyond. Give us the opportunity to serve your needs, you will not be disappointed.

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