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Looking for great Wedding Supplies? SAN DIEGO, CA - February 22, 2006 - There is much more to a wedding than walking the aisle. A bride often spends months planning, coordinating and shopping just to create the wedding occasion of her dreams. There are also new wedding trends each year, so a bride must also find out which trends will fit with her wedding theme and colors. Mary Noriega, a well-known florist based in San Diego, California, has worked with brides for 25 years to create floral arrangements for beach and outdoor weddings. She recently developed a web site,, dedicated to wedding ideas and accessories.

Noriega reveals the hottest wedding accessory trends for brides-to-be of 2006: 1. Wedding Cake Toppers Swarovski Crystal monogram cake jewelry is the latest trend for wedding cake toppers. Available in a variety of sizes and fonts. 2. Wedding Jewelry Rhinestone Foot Jewelry is the perfect accessory for weddings on the beach. Swarovski Crystal and Pearl pin is a popular hair accessory. 3. Wedding Flowers Chocolate brown is in! Color combinations like pink with brown and burgundy with green are part of the new trend. Floral accents known as bouquet jewels are all the rage too. 4. Gifts for Wedding Participants Trendy gifts this year are small designer handbags, hair jewelry for the ladies, and money clips and cuff links are the most popular wedding party gifts for the men. 5. Party Favors and Accessories Brides are selecting dual-purpose favors like picture frames that can be used for place cards at the reception as well as to hold a photo of the bridal couple after the wedding.

Another hot trend this year is the "Bridal Accessory Registry, where brides select their desired wedding accessories from the "My Wedding Accessories" catalog. The Bride tells her family and friends about the registry, and they in turn help her get the accessories she has chosen for her wedding. "These trends, and more, will make 2006 weddings unique and memorable for couples and their guests," says Noriega. is owned by Mary Noriega, a well-known florist who has specialized in custom outdoor and beach weddings for close to 25 years. Noriega has applied her wedding knowledge and talents to her website, offering a catalog of more than 2,000 wedding accessories and gift items. Mary also continues to offer florals for weddings as well as for special events.

For more information, call My Wedding Accessories today! We look forward to hearing from you so that we can provide you with a day or night to remember!

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