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Company Name: Adult Toys With Passion Parties By Linda
Address: North Dakota
Telephone: (888) 688-8023
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My Name is Linda Popovic and I am Executive Director- Independent Consultant for Passion Parties. I joined Passion Parties in Feb. of 2006 to have fun and sell Adult Products and To Help Enhance Relationships and bring the romance back to the bedroom. I will not say what a hard financial time I had before Passion Parties-let's just say it has helped me a lot. I never dreamed what Passion Parties could and would do for me and my family. If I had only knew then what I know now I would have never joined another company other then Passion Parties. I wanted to make great money and have a amazing career but I needed to work when I wanted and around my schedule. Now i have a wonderful downline of Team Leaders and a Executive director and over 70 consultants Dozen of our team cover (NYC) Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx and ALL of NJ!!And Our whole team rocks!!!! I already knew I wanted to move up in the Company and I wanted to be recognized for all my hard work. NOT just a pat on the Back. I wanted everyone to know who I am and what I have to offer. . Sound like something you dreamed of???

CONTACT ME TODAY:888*688*8023 - START YOUR BUSINESS TODAY!!!! - Passion Parties Has made it possible for me to do Adult Toy Parties on my own schedule to advertise my business. I started out Like most thinking CAN I really do this. WOW I am glad I listened to my heart and I said YES I CAN DO THIS. I am doing it everyday. .Men and WOMEN can sell for Passion Parties, HOW great is that Passion Parties Allows us to be our own boss, Work when we want and have our own web sites so we can get our own online orders and leads. They make it better every day for us and work hard for us. What other company out there works FOR US??? NONE that I know of!

Passion Parties has come a long way We have been all over T.V Talk shows Newspapers Pat Davis put out her own BOOK Passion Parties Guide TO Great SEX..WOW is all I can say. * Passion Parties Covers USA and Canada and all surrounding areas*

Join the #1 Fastest Growing Team Passion Parties By Linda,
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Passion Parties is the #1 adult toy party plan!!!
We Cover it all and I can help
* A Bachelorette Party *
*Couples Parties *
* A College/Sorority Party *
* A Birthday Party *
* Sex Toy Parties *
* A Romance Party *
*A Girls Night Out Party*
* Adult Parties*
*A Suprise Birthday Party*
*A Just for Fun Party*
* Bridal Showers*
*A Divorce Party*
* A Naughty Party*
*An After Hours Party*
Mild or Wild! It's all yours! Just get your friends, family and co-workers together for a night of fun and laughs.

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*Enjoy the company of close and new friends!*
*Get a few girlfriends together, serve some refreshments, sit back, enjoy and learn about sensual products to help keep your LOVE LIFE enjoyable and refreshing*.
 Any Night is  Perfect for a Party!!!!!

 Passion Parties are Confidential Parties for Women
 (Must be 18 to attend)
Parties are presented in the comfort of your own home and all ordering is done confidentially.

 ALL THEME PARTIES: Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Girls Night Out/Girls Night In, Margarita Night, Divorcee Party, Pajama Party, Slumber Party, Pool Part, Bar Party, Diva Party, BYOB Parties, and so much more! Spa, Massage, Erotic Toys, Sensual Toys, Couple Toys, Lotions, Potions, Lubes and Edible Delights!

 Passion Parties By Linda
Executive Director-(888)688-8023
"Everyone everywhere can always use a little passion.......
I started passion parties to earn a little extra money ...
but i also learned about passion is so amazing
I am very happily married for 15 years 
my husband supports me 100% .
He encourages me so much so i can do my best!!!

What i really enjoy is that feeling when i know 
i helped in some way adding romance back into everyones lives!!!

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