The Foam Guy

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Company Name: The Foam Guy
Address: Pennsylvania
Telephone: (866) 315-1244
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When leading night clubs, universities & colleges want to have a fun and safe foam party, they call THE FOAM GUY. We travel from coast to coast, border to border and beyond, dropping tropical scented bubbles as we go! THE FOAM GUY uses hypoallergenic, non-staining foam solution that is biodegradable.

Our custom built machines can produce an unheard of 15,000+ cubic of feet of HOT foam per minute! Enough bubbles to cover a 40' x 60' area 14' deep in only TWO minutes!! Capable of any size event, indoors or out. THE FOAM GUY is your ONLY choice for a quality show that will have your clientele and students will be talking about for month's and year's to come!

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