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How to Use Valet Parking

There is more to using valet parking than simply giving your keys to the valet attendant. You should know how much to tip, and the best tips for having a perfect valet experience.

If you've never used valet parking, you're probably wondering how it works, what you should do, and whether or not you should tip your valet parking attendant. First and foremost, you should know that most places with valet services will require a surcharge, which is typically a very small fee in order to take advantage of the valet service. This fee does not go to the valets, but to the company you're visiting. When you pull up to the main entrance, a valet will take your keys and park your car for you.

When you're finished and are ready to leave, your valet will retrieve your vehicle for you so that you can leave quickly and easily without having to walk the parking lot to find your vehicle. The service is a convenience and really does make things easier for you, the customer. Valet parking attendants are typically students or other young individuals that are working to support themselves while attending school or college. They also typically receive very low pay, usually server's wages, which are below $4 an hour. Most of a valet parking attendant's income will come from the tips they make during their shifts.

This means that a tip from you will make your valet parking attendant very happy. The rule of thumb for tipping a valet is to tip $1 for every $10,000 your car is worth. This ensures that the valet receives an adequate tip for the work they do for you. A generous tip will also make the valet be extra careful with your vehicle and run extra fast to retrieve it for you when you're ready to leave. It's super easy to use valet parking services, so long as you remember that valets have to earn a living as well and your generous tips help them accomplish that.

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