What is a Class Reunion?

School ReunionA class reunion is a meeting of former classmates, typically organized at or near their former school by one of the class on or around an anniversary of their graduation. Former teachers may be invited as well. Usually, participants nostalgically reminisce about their old school days, fondly remember their school pranks, and bring each other up to date on what has happened to each of them since they went their separate ways.

If it has been five or ten years since you graduated high school, then it is time for your high school reunion. Perhaps you have not heard of any plans? Why not take it upon yourself to get the school reunion ball rolling? Where is your class president anyway? If they are not making the necessary plans, then someone needs to. Why not make that someone you!

Planning a school reunion does not have to be as scary as you might think. Start by forming a committee so you can delegate some responsibilities. Find out if you can contact any of the class officers. If not, find some former classmates that still live in the area.

The first thing you need to do is secure a site. Many schools will allow the use of their gymnasium for reunions. This might be a good idea if you are on a tight budget. Other ideas include banquet facilities and nice restaurants. If it is in the summer, you could consider having it at a park, but there is the issue of the weather.

Class ReunionOnce you have chosen your location, it is time to pick a budget. Do this before sending invitations. You will have to charge something for those who attend the high school reunion. Choosing your budget will help you determine how much to charge for tickets.

Now it is time to send out the invitations. Have an early enough date for the RSVP so that you can plan for the correct number of people. Contact your high school to see if they have contact information. Tracking down your classmates is the most challenging part of planning your reunion.

Once the invitations start rolling in, start planning the actual events. Be sure to publicize the reunion as much as possible, for those that you could not contact can are able to come. By considering these tips, you can ensure you plan the best school reunion possible.

Planning a School Reunion? Chances are that we have the information you are looking for! Below you can find Tips, Ideas, Themes, and Professional Vendors and Service Providers who can help you plan and execute the perfect School Reunion.

Choose a class reunion theme and make sure this theme is evident in every detail throughout your festivities: from invitation to activities. For example, one reunion chose a “Hi Ho Silver” theme and had hay rides, western themed food, decorations (checkered tablecloths), etc.

Have a welcome night that is very casual and intimate where folks can come for drinks, light snacks, etc. A local pub or small restaurant where you used to hang out during your school days is perfect for this.

Class ReunionPlace disposable cameras at every table and continually have your DJ/Band/MC make announcements reminding attendees to take candid photos of each other. Once the reunion is over, post photos on a website and send links to everyone.

Have a reunion “billboard” as attendees enter the main event with photos, memorabilia, awards, news clippings, yearbook photos, etc… from your class.

On the nametags, have a photo of the person as shown in the Senior Year Book so people can identify each other more easily.

Produce a reunion “keepsake” publication with a sampling of photos and directory for alumni.

Balloons are an inexpensive way to decorate for reunions

Talk to your DJ/MC/Band about ideas they have done at previous class reunion parties. One DJ said that she dismissed tables for the buffet by asking trivia questions unique to the school and class. For example, “Who got caught for t.p.’ing the school senior year?” “Who got booted out of McKowen’s English class and sent to the Principal’s for writing notes too many times?” “What was our class prom song/theme?”

Have your DJ play songs from your era.

Have a caricature artist come and do people’s portraits during your main evening event.

Plan a tour of your alma mater. It’s amazing what memories and stories come back and are shared!

If there are classmates too ill to come, create giant “get well” cards and have everyone at the reunion sign them

Try and avoid clich awards which subjectively bestow “greatness” and “success” on some and not others (i.e. “The Most Successful”, “Who Went the Farthest”, “Who Drives The Nicest Car”). Instead, make the awards more fun. For example: “First and Last to Register”, “Most Body Piercings/Tattoos”, “Person with the oddest experience”, “Humanitarian Awards” (include all those involved in community service personally and professionally), “Still Class Clown After All These Years”, “The Most Children”, “Who Traveled the Furthest to the Reunion”, etc. For those with a good sense of humor, you can do a poll in advance and find out who has been married the most times and create an award category for this (be sure and get permission from potential recipient of this award in advance so there are no embarrassing surprises).

Invite feedback at the end of the reunion. Have feedback cards handed out or mailed (postage pre-paid if you can). Feedback should always be taken with a grain of salt, but if you see the majority of people have suggestions on the same issue, it may be worth taking note for the next reunion.

Again, very important: make sure you know the exact time restrictions at your booked location from time you can access the location to the time you and your party must end.

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