What is a Bachelorette Party?

Bachelorette is a term for an unmarried woman. Primarily an American English expression derived from the word bachelor, it is a very informal term used only in certain situations or expressions. No woman can get married these days without a bachelorette party: one last alcohol-fueled, uninhibited girls’ night out. Some brides want to go the traditional bachelorette route: Wear the silly veil, accomplish all the semi-embarrassing tasks on the bachelorette to-do list and run around the city carrying an astonishing variety of provocative toys. Others just want to go out and have a few drinks with their pals, or avoid the alcohol all together and opt for some nice, wholesome tea. Whatever you prefer, we can help you with the resources that will fit your needs. Picking out the bridesmaids’ dresses? Unfortunately, that’s still your problem.


Exotic dance instruction: A New Trend in Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties are about the girls getting together, sharing past stories, and creating new ones. The bachelorette party is the maid of honors night to shine as she is expected to send the bride off in style, in appreciation for years of friendship. Traditionally, this has involved drinking one’s fair share of alcohol, heading off to a nightclub, and dancing the night away partying with all your best friends.  Recently, a new trend has emerged. Women now want to know more about exotic dancing.  Yes ladies that is right! Women are now hiring female adult entertainers to instruct them in the seductive art of exotic dancing.

Picture it: Letting your inhibitions go among all of your friends.  Learning what type of lingerie works best for the strip tease seduction of the men you adore.  Finding out that you can do a lap dance and role your hips.  Your instructors are professional female exotic dancers who make their livelihood working at some of the finest Gentlemen’s Clubs in the country. They will answer any question you may have both about the industry and advice on hair and makeup techniques, how to layer lingerie, what styles of lingerie may look best on your body type.  Think about it ladies, things can become very spicy when a close group of women get together. Your instructor may wind up with some eye opening ideas for you to consider.  She can inform you of some enlightening thoughts for the fun uses of adult toys during the act of seduction, creative ways to offer a sensual body massage.  The creativity you will find coming out of your friends will have your party rolling with both intrigue and laughter.  This will be a party with lots of fun and extra special memories.

Although exotic dance instruction brings a fresh idea to bachelorette party planning, we do offer the traditional hot cop at your door, or room service with a smile for you ladies who wouldn’t think about throwing a bachelorette party without the male dancer showing up.  We also offer pleasure/passion parties with adult novelties, and many other fine options to make your bachelorette party a night to remember.


Tips on Planning a Bachelorette Party

Idea #1 – The Last Hoorah

She’s on her way out! You’re losing one of the girls to the married life and it’s up to you to make sure that she has one last great night of being single before slipping on that gold band. Planning a bachelorette party is not something that you will want to take lightly, make sure it’s a night that she will think of fondly for years to come. When putting the event together, keep the special guest to be in mind. Is she a wild child or a mild-mannered lady? It’s supposed to be a night designed just for her so keep her personality in mind or it could end up being a night she is eager to forget (and not for the good reasons).

Idea #2 – Run a Tight Ship

A bachelorette party is a large event and, if you’re planning one , it’s essential that you are organized. Create a list of everything that needs to be done (making the guest list, sending out invites, shopping for supplies, making reservations, renting transportation, etc.). It’s a good decision to start making your preparations weeks ahead to ensure that you have the time to set everything up. Putting a party together in a rush can end up being messy and, well, an unsuccessful endeavor. Get started early and try getting some mutual friends to help you with the process.

Idea #3 – Party Like You’ve Never Partied Before!

Bachelorette party ideas all seem the same these days. You see it all the time, a giant group of women all gussied up and out at the bars, giggling and cutting up like schoolgirls. One of the best tips on putting together a bachelorette party that you can get is to be unique. It’s a great idea to throw a theme party; tell all of the ladies to dress alike (as cowgirls, flapper girls, Hollywood stars, etc.). Then, hit up venues that you don’t usually frequent. In other words, don’t dine at the same restaurants or drink and dance at the same bars and clubs that you always frequent. This is your girl’s last night out being single, don’t turn it into the same old song & dance!

Idea #4 – Don’t Leave Anyone Out!

People get married everyday but it’s not everyday that one of your best buds ties the knot! It’s up to you to make sure she gets a proper dismissal from singlehood. First things first, make sure that you get all of her favorite gals together to celebrate. Make a guest list (don’t forget her work buddies, her female relatives, and her fiancé’s female relatives). When you send out those bachelorette party invitations you don’t want to forget anyone important. It’s a great idea to call her mother or sister and confirm that you haven’t left out any important invitees.

Idea #5 – Steppin’ Out in Style

Call up all the ladies, it’s now time for a hardcore bachelorette party! Don’t let your friend merely fade out of the single life, send her out with a spectacle! If you’re plotting to go all out, however, be intelligent about it. If you know they’ll be drinking arrange enough designated drivers to get the group home safely. If this seems unlikely, hire transportation (it will cost next to nothing if everyone chips in). It’s a special occasion so why not go all out and rent a party bus or limo? The lassie will not only have a personal chauffer but you’ll be riding around the town in style. And, to sweeten the deal, you’ll get door-to-door service and won’t have to worry about searching for parking or walking from the lots!

Idea #6 – Take it Down a Notch

So, you’ve been elected to orchestrate all of the bachelorette party planning, what do you do now? Plan your evening out wisely and carefully, that’s what. Many bachelorette parties end up out on the town and that’s always a good time. Before letting loose and gettin’ buck wild, however, begin the evening slowly. Make some reservations at a nice restaurant or arrange a dinner at someone’s house before going out to party. Enjoy a delicious meal and give everyone a chance to catch up or get acquainted before things get out of control. This is also the best time to pass out party favors, and let the future bride open her gifts. Everyone will be able to see what’s going on and there won’t be any shouting over loud music.

Idea #7 – A Hung-over Bride Isn’t a Pretty Picture

A bachelorette party is a the future bride’s last night to let loose. All of her best female friends and relatives join together to make sure that her final night out as a single woman is memorable (or, ahem, not so very memorable). If you’re plotting to take your gal pal out for a long night of dancing, drinking, and strippers for her “final night” as a single lady, don’t be too literal. Among the best tips on planning a bachelorette party (if not the very best tip) is not to arrange to have the fiesta the night directly before the big wedding day! It is in the future bride’s best interest to arrive at her wedding having had a good night’s sleep and looking stunning. If she’s been out all night the night before, she’s going to look like death! Don’t let this happen to her! Have the bachelorette party at least seven days before the big day, the bride will definitely thank you down the road.

Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

* Get a coaster or matchbook from a bar ………….…………… 1 PT

* Use a cheesy pick up line on a stranger……………………….1 PT

* Get asked for your ID……………………………………………………1 PT

* Build a man’s sexual anatomy from found objects……..2 pts

* Get a stranger’s phone number …………………………………5 pts

* Get your picture taken on a sports car…………………….5 pts

* Get your picture taken in a fire truck (with fire hat extra 3 pts) …5 pts

* Get a free drink from a bartender…………………………….5 pts

* Make a bridal veil from toilet paper and wear it…………5 pts

* Wear a bra over your shirt top……………………..….………5 pts

* Get a hand stamp (or ticket stub) from a strip club….10 pts

* In public, say ‘Hi Sexy” to 10 people you don’t know..10 pts

* Get a piggy back ride from a stranger…………….…….…..15 pts

* Write your phone number on a bathroom stall………… 20 pts

* Dance with 10 different men……………………………………35 pts

* Get a man to put money in your bra……………………….50 pts

* Ask a guy to marry you………………………………………..100 pts

How You Scored
0-65 = Lonely Lady
66-120 = Groovy Chick
121-170 = Party Girl
171-210 = Super Babe
211-270 = Total Vixen

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