What are Caricatures?

Caricatures are items that individuals get from fairs, public events, and fun celebrations. They’re a great way to remember a fun time, and they make funny and awesome gifts. If you’ve never seen a caricature drawing, then you’re in for a surprise. An artist who draws caricatures takes the “essence” of a person, or their most distinguishing features, and greatly exaggerates them. He then adds them in a sort of cartoon of the individual so that although it’s a simple drawing, it’s immediately identifiable as the person who modeled for the photo.

For instance, an individual with a particularly large nose and bushy eyebrows would have a huge nose and mammoth eyebrows in the photo, with the rest of the features pushed to the background. This would create an immediate resemblance to the individual, and makes a fun drawing that individuals can enjoy.

A caricature is usually colored like a cartoon, and may be small or large, depending upon the artist and the request to the artist when drawing. Caricature drawings go back centuries, and even Leonardo Da Vinci sought out individuals to draw caricatures of.

Caricature artists are fun to have at a child’s birthday party, a company party, or another fun event. The typical caricature artist doesn’t charge much, and can provide hours of fun. Alternatively, having caricatures drawn is a great idea for a Christmas or other holiday gift, or even for someone’s birthday. Children will especially love this idea, and will cherish the gift for a long time, versus a gift they’ll throw to the back of their closet and never use.

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