Valet Parking Job Description

When thinking of a valet parking job description, most people think about driving fancy cars all day, but there’s much more to it than that. A valet is responsible for taking care of the vehicles that customers drive to the place of business. Because there are many different types of clients, the valet parking attendant must be able to drive a large number of different kinds of vehicles. From standard transmissions to manual transmissions, and from small cars to large SUVs and trucks, it’s important that valets are comfortable in vehicles of all sizes.

In addition to parking customers’ vehicles in a careful way, many professional valets are called on to run short or long distances in order to obtain the vehicles when the customers are ready to leave. This means that valets need to be in average or above average physical condition. Because of the physical demands of this aspect of the job, those who have physical problems that might inhibit them from performing strenuous exercise probably shouldn’t seek out this type of work.

In addition to running, valets must be able to stand on their feet for long periods of time. Most of the time, the valet will be on their feet for their entire shift, with small breaks between. This means that a professional valet will need to have stamina and be able to handle long shifts on their feet.

Finally, a valet parking job description wouldn’t be complete without talking about the customer aspect. Valets must be great at dealing with the public and must be friendly and courteous. Valets will give greetings to customers as well as wish them goodbye when they leave, so it’s important that anyone considering a valet job be able to deal with customers.

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