How to Draw Caricatures

If you want to learn how to draw caricatures, you need some basic drawing skills or talent to begin with. If you do, learning how to draw caricatures is relatively easy. First, you’ll need to consider the person you’re drawing and their most defining characteristics. For instance, a person who wanted to draw a caricature of Madonna will want to make note of the trademark gap between her teeth, the pointed nose, and wide jaw line. Those things should be greatly exaggerated, because it will make the caricature immediately identifiable.

After taking note of the trademark features of a person, the rest of the caricature should be drawn and colored normally. Most people who are drawing caricatures will draw a huge head on a little body, to make the facial features stand out even more. There are a few things an artist can do to learn how to draw caricatures better.

One of those things is to look up caricatures that others have drawn and study how they were done. The best ones to find are caricatures of celebrities, as you can see how the caricature resembles the celebrity and what the artist has done to best represent the celebrity. Another great way to learn how to draw caricatures is to practice on friends and family members. This will give you a lot of practice and will help you feel more confident as you learn to draw caricatures.

Finally, taking a few drawing classes is a great way for people who are not artists to learn to draw caricatures. Local community colleges, art galleries, and artist guilds are great places to find cheap and fun drawing classes. These will help you learn the basics of drawing so that drawing caricatures is easier.

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