How Singers Protect Their Voices

A surgeon or tattoo artist must protect his or her hands, a kicker on the football team must protect his leg, and a singer must protect his or her voice. If you’re wondering how singers protect their voices, there are numerous ways to ensure that a singer’s voice is one hundred percent when it comes time for a performance.

Warming Up: Most singers will use vocal exercises, or “singing warm up exercises” to get their voices into shape before a performance. Just like stretching before exercise, vocal exercises are important to keep the voice smooth and flawless during performances.

Warm Tea/Honey: Drinking warm tea and/or honey is one of the greatest ways that singers protect their voices. The warm tea and honey is soothing to the throat and helps soothe the vocal chords so that the voice remains smooth and doesn’t break during a performance.

Water: It’s important that singers stay hydrated, so many drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to ensure that their bodies are getting what they need.

Avoiding Smoking: If you’re protecting your voice, you’re going to avoid smoking at all costs. This includes cigarettes, cigars or any other type of tobacco. The smoke and chemicals present it tobacco are extremely damaging for the vocal cords. Avoiding this kind of thing is one of the most important tips for how singers protect their voices.

Warm Towel: Resting with a warm towel across the throat is a great way to protect your voice. It ensures that the vocal chords are warm and relaxed, rather than cold and closed up. Finally, getting enough vitamins in your daily food is a great way to ensure that your whole body is healthy and working properly, including your vocal chords.

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