How Much Do Wedding Designers Make?

A wedding designer or wedding planner’s salary is dependent upon several different things, but those with a dream of pursuing this job should know that it can be a lucrative and thrilling job. As with any other job, the payment will differ depending upon what types of clients one works with, their location, and the depth of the work they perform.

Location: While very small town wedding designers may not make a great deal of money, cities with more potential clients can be promising for a wedding event designer. According to experts, the most popular cities for wedding planners are Los Angeles, Chicago, Conway, and Miami. Any big city is going to be easier for a wedding planner to work with. Individuals considering this job should think about their options for cities to work in and compare those with their goals.

Clients: There are high end clients and there are clients who simply want the best job at the most affordable price. Those who take on higher-end clients will naturally make more than those who do smaller jobs, but both can be lucrative. If a wedding designer creates their own company, they will have the choice of the types of clients they work with. In some cases, wedding designers choose lower budget clients to keep the level of stress and actual work involved to a minimum.

Type of Work: Some wedding designers create the entire wedding and have a hand in every aspect of it while others do things on a smaller scale. Naturally, those who do more work will charge more for their services. This is something to consider for those who are thinking of becoming a wedding event designer.

Overall, the amount of money a wedding designer will depend upon several different variables. However, research shows that most wedding planners make between $18,000 and $80,000 a year.

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