Face Painting Ideas

There are a ton of great face painting ideas that individuals can use for a child’s birthday party or another fun event. Children love having their faces painted, and it’s an inexpensive activity, as well. With just a few face painting techniques, you can make children and adults very happy!

Face Painting Design Ideas: For a happy bunny, simply paint the mouth and area around the mouth white. Just above the eyes should be painted white as well. With black, create “buck teeth” just under the lips, and then use pink to give the bunny a pretty pink blush at the cheeks. This is a great Easter face painting idea. For a beautiful butterfly, paint the cheeks, around the eyes, and just above the eyes as wings. This will leave the nose and mouth paint-free, and then you can design the wings however you’d like. Pastel colors with black highlights are great designs for this idea.

To do a cute Dalmatian, paint the entire face white, and with black, create a cute black dog nose. Then, make spots on the face and around one eye. This simple design is a winner with children. For an adorable little piggy, paint the whole face pink, creating ears on both sides of the forehead. Outline in black, and then draw a piggy nose around the child’s nose, making two black spots where the nostrils would be.

There are a huge number of really cute face painting ideas, and it just takes a little creativity and imagination to pull them off. Start by researching face painting ideas or designs and ask a small volunteer to help you out. Practice face painting on him or her and then snap a picture of the finished product. You can keep the pictures as references or to allow individuals to select their face painting at the next child’s birthday party or other fun event.

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