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Company Name: Eventions Productions
Address: Pennsylvania
Telephone: (610) 485-5900
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We provide solutions to your production challenges on Budget and On Time!

As industry standards and client expectations continue to rise, we have made it our goal to help you solve all your logistical challenges and provide you with the highest quality production and technical support.
Whether producing Elegant Weddings, Corporate Events, Concerts, Tours, Festivals, or Any Large Scale Live Event, Eventions is the Professionals choice for the full range of services that make your event stand out from the rest

We are your complete event source company with over 15 years of providing solutions for live event productions. We employ the best Engineers, Designers, and Technicians in the industry who take ownership of challenges by making your event, their event.

Eventions can take an ordinary room and turn it into something very special by designing custom lighting for your wedding reception. From table & centerpiece highlighting, to full room enhancement and architectural lighting of the entire facility, lighting can add energy, atmosphere and a touch of individuality to your reception site.

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